Our Story

Shonirvor Samaj started its journey on July 15, 2007. The former president of Shonirvor Samaj Professor Dr. Gias Uddin Hafiz with his phenomenon skill of leadership started this organization. That time there were 15 members in this organization. Shonirvor Samaj means a self-reliant and confident society. Their vision was to make society self-sufficient. The first event of Shonirvor was held in Cox’s Bazar in August 2007. The members shared love and happiness with school-going children. Then continuously, Shonirvor has done many events in different places. We have implemented several humanitarian activities, including free medical camp, free blood donation camp, school and student sponsorship, relief aid distribution etc. The Shonirvor Samaj gradually increased it’s working arena day by day. We have worked with refugees and many other local communities in Bangladesh. We have started working with women empowerment also. We built several skill centers for local communities. The Shonirvor has also focused on the long-term issue of poverty alleviation and empowerment of the poor in rural areas of the country. At present, Shonirvor promotes income generation for the underprivileged below marginal families, mostly landless rural people through skills development on healthcare, literacy, education and training.
Shonirvor Samaj is concerned for every individual. We believe sharing love, care and happiness are the essential important thing that can change peoples’ mindset. Considering this, we designed a few events for all people who need love and support. New clothes distribution for Eid festival to the street and underprivileged children and providing gifts distribution are the main events for sharing love and happiness. On the other hand, we believe those people who are suffering; we should stand beside them under any circumstance. Shonirvor works for the emergency caused by environmental calamities and diplomatic crisis. Flood-affected people, people who suffer in winter and also victims of conflict are the primary beneficiaries. Every year Shonirvor stands by them.
At Shonirvor Samaj, we are trying to give a better life to the oppressed individuals of Bangladesh and we consistently strive to reach more regions and improve their expectations for every day eases. Thus, our funding is restricted, as we receive no government support and depend strongly on generous people and enterprises to help us in giving fundamental prospects for the everyday comforts of those people. You can help in breaking this poverty cycle, basically by committing a tad bit of your valuable time and action to help raise funds. Help us to support a massive number of unprivileged individuals in Bangladesh to fulfill their dreams, and make life the opportunity it ought to be.