Every human being is equal and deserves the same respect despite their religious beliefs, qualifications or class.


Our mission is to build a country where education is provided to every child, to build a community where every individual has the same rights and enjoying a healthy and happy life.


Our vision is to have a prosperous nation with each contented in every aspect.


Shonirvor Samaj is a non-political, non-profitable organization in Cox’s Bazar dedicated to human welfare. It was established in 2007 and was registered in 2010 by the Department of Social Welfare, People’s Republic of Bangladesh. It has been serving humanity since its establishment.
Shonirvor Samaj implemented thousands of projects to irradicate poverty and reduce illiteracy. It also works in crises and disasters.


Education Program

Shonirvor Samaj believes that education is a key to eradicating poverty. In Bangladesh, most children are deprived of education due to…

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Orphan & Widow Support

Orphans and widows are the most neglected part of society. Their life becomes pathetic after the death of their father/husband…

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Health & Nutrition Program

Shonirvor Samaj has been raising awareness on health and nutrition among the target people since the beginning. We came to the field…

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Social Development

The primary objective of social development would be to achieve qualitative social growth and development. There would be no…

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Emergency Crisis Response

Bangladesh is prone to natural disasters. The aftermaths of cyclones, earthquakes, and other calamities are made much worse because of…

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Wash Project

The water & Sanitation program is one of the significant development activities of this organization. Safe drinking water and hygienic…

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Seasonal Projects

Shonirvor Samaj has actively engaged in seasonal and faith-based programs. Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country. We have built…

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Social Awareness

A conscious society means a beautiful society, our mission is to create that society. Our volunteers are always active in creating…

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Livelihood Projects

The organization has been implementing livelihood and skill-based projects to reduce poverty, remove economic vulnerability…

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Empowerment Program

Shonirvor Samaj believes in empowering poor people, especially women to make them free from the cycle of poverty. Shonirvor Samaj…

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